Free open-source software for managing rundowns and event timers

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*Also available on docker

Ontime is a browser-based application that manages event rundowns, scheduling, and cueing.

With Ontime, you can plan, track your schedule, manage automation and cross-department show information all in one place.

Ontime is made by entertainment and broadcast engineers and used by

Why do we do this
Reason number 1

We saw room for improvement in the workflows provided by available solutions

Reason number 2

Make workflows available for all regardless of the budget, and empower freelancers on the way

Reason number 3

A viable, free alternative adds pressure on paid solutions to provide value.
We see our features copied in competing paid software and take it as a compliment


Ontime - Editor

For teams

Ontime - Overview

Ontime supports your production team by catering a different view for every role. Being it directors, managers, operators or your audience, ie: people trying to achieve different things.

Stage Timer

Ontime - Editor

At the core of Ontime is the stage timer

This is a configurable, responsive screen, designed to in any device. It shows the current running timer along with information on upcoming event

There are other variations of this view, including the Studio Clock and the Minimal Timer

  • ✓ For presenters and speakers
  • ✓ Follow event timer progress
  • ✓ Overview of upcoming event
  • ✓ Real-time messages from operator

Production data

Ontime - Editor

Ontime distinguishes rundown events as being public or production events (backstage)

This allows for having different layouts of data shown in public and backstage signage

Backstage screens also receive extra information, such as real-time information on delay scheduling

There is an equivalent of this screen containing only public information

  • ✓ For production team
  • ✓ Follow event and schedule progress
  • ✓ See runtime delays
  • ✓ Overview of upcoming event
  • ✓ Real-time messages from operator


Ontime - Editor

As an extension to the rundown, Ontime offers the cuesheet

This allows additional, user-defined data to be entered. It is a great place for department specific data

  • ✓ Follow event progress
  • ✓ Add and import custom data from excel
  • ✓ Customisable by every user
  • ✓ Empowers teams to share data


Ontime - Editor

The operator view is designed as a way for your operators to keep progress of the runtime

It is optimised for mobiles and tablets and is completely autonomous for busy operators

  • ✓ Follow event progress
  • ✓ Customisable by users
  • ✓ Subscribe to any data in user fields